Bad Boy's Main Man

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Name: Jameel Spencer

Age: 35

Who he is: President of Blue Flame Marketing & Advertising and chief marketing officer of Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group. Spencer oversees the Blue Flame marketing boutique, representing Fortune 500 clients, while also meeting the demands of the array of brands of Bad Boy Worldwide impresario Sean "P.Diddy" Combs, from Sean John Clothing to Bad Boy Records.

Where he's from: Before joining Blue Flame, Spencer was the national music and entertainment director and publisher for Vanguarde Media. He's also been the national sales director for Vibe and Blaze magazines and also performed a stint at Shaquille O'Neal's TWISM clothing label.

What he's done: In collaboration with Grey Global Group's Alliance chief Jarrod Moses, Spencer hooked up Panasonic with Russell Simmons, Def Jam Music founder, and the "godfather of hip-hop entrepeneurialism," according to Spencer. Panasonic will weave its products, including a mini-DVD recorder and mini-MP3 player into a TV campaign, showing how Panasonic is a part of the fabric of Simmons' varying enterprises, including his Phat Farm lifestyle and apparel line.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What's next: Spencer and his crew aim to apply the same marketing prowess for Sean John to client Perry Ellis. "Perry Ellis is quality clothing with a fashion sensibility but at a [reasonable] price point. Everyone's coming out with high-end stuff, and not everyone can afford to be part of that movement. So Perry Ellis is a great value proposition; they just need that cool factor."

Stock-in-trade: "We create that sense of urgency. We're the new excitement and always reinventing ourselves so we don't become stale," said Spencer. "Jameel provides a fair and balanced perspective for both brand and entertainment marketers. On top of that he's reliableā€”hard to find in this space," according to Moses.

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