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Name: Alan Blum

Age: 42

Who he is: Blum wears two hats. He is the founder-CEO of New York-based boutique ad agency Blue Elephant as well as a branded entertainment consultant.

Where he's from: Blum began his advertising career in the mailroom at the Leo Burnett Company in Chicago. As a copywriter there, he developed the "This is not your father's Oldsmobile" campaign for General Motors. In 1990, Blum joined TBWA Advertising in New York as VP-associate creative director, playing a key role in securing the Air France and Club Med accounts. He eventually opened the Blum Network, which became Blue Elephant in 2002. His clients include ABC News.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What he's done: In January of 2003, Blum spent a couple of weeks in Hollywood getting to know key entertainment players. He is exploring innovative brand marketer/studio partnerships with marketing execs like Peter Adee of MGM and Oren Aviv of Disney—partnerships that go beyond simply pooling media dollars and have an event marketing focus. Blum just did a stint as a staff writer for the second season of Mark Burnett's "The Apprentice." "Mark Burnett is an icon, but beyond the success of 'The Apprentice,' there is a pent-up demand among the marketing community to be involved with alternative marketing opportunities."

What's next: Blum has been retained as a marketing consultant by Mark Burnett Productions to help develop marketing presentations for upcoming Burnett properties. In terms of Blue Elephant's future, "the more I can attract clients into the agency that are trying to get out of traditional marketing and media models, the more easily I can integrate my offerings."

Stock-in-trade: "Bringing brand-centered practices to the entertainment world is my objective."

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