Brands Are AWE-Struck

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Name: Aaron Walton


Who he is: chief executive of Aaron Walton Entertainment, L.A.-based Omnicom entertainment marketing specialist.

Where he's from: Walton, who cut his teeth at Pepsi-Cola in marketing and brand management for Pepsi brands like Mountain Dew, made his bones when he was the point man for Pepsi in the brand's involvement with the 14-month Michael Jackson "Bad" tour. The tour took Walton through Europe, Japan and the U.S. This ultimately led to his opening of AWE in 1988 while continuing to work for Pepsi as a consultant. AWE recently expanded into New York and Chicago.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What he's done: Walton hitched Pepsi to the ascending Britney Spears star in a fully integrated deal that included advertising, a tour and retail. He also played a key role in hooking Cadillac up with Led Zeppelin, as well as Enrique Iglesias with Frito-Lay. AWE has also delved more into the branded-TV arena with a successful program for the Limited Too and ABC Family.

What's next: "We're evolving from just a music company to broader pop-culture specialists. We've done as many non-music initiatives as music initiatives."

Stock-in-trade: "We're not just entertainment folks; we're brand folks. We start with brand need and then identify the appropriate entertainment strategy."

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