Brands Come To Moses

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Name: Jarrod Moses

Age: 32

Who he is: President-CEO of Alliance, a unit of Grey Global Group

Where he's from: Moses cut his teeth as a far-flung consultant for the republic of Uzbekistan and the city of Tashkent, creating media and business infrastructures in 1992-94 during the breakup of the Soviet Union. He returned stateside to work for the city of New York during Rudolph Giuliani's administration as a senior entertainment and marketing executive, focusing on sponsorships. Ed Meyer then brought Moses in to run Grey Entertainment in Los Angeles, where he helped launch the WB Network.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What he's done: Moses and his team have crafted Mad. Ave.-Hollywood partnerships, pairing the likes of Reebok and CBS's "Survivor." Moses and his team worked with Grey's MediaCom to create a package with a media buy and a brand integration component, which included product placement and merchandising. Other deals have included matching MTV's "Cribs" with Ethan Allen and Cover Girl with Queen Latifah.

What's next: Moses'goal for Alliance is to "put more skin in the game" by increasing ownership in the entertainment properties it creates for its client base. "We want our clients to know that we believe so much in a program that we're going to participate in it with them as opposed to being viewed as someone who is just selling and executing a deal."

Stock-in-trade: "Our business is representing the brand. We have no other vested interest. The talent agencies will always choose their celebrity clientele over the brand and the ad agencies and the PR shops are about primarily their basic services."

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