Brands Pack A MEGA Punch

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Name: Danny Socolof

Age: 48

Who he is: President, Marketing Entertainment Group of America (MEGA)

Where he's from: Socolof is one of the pioneers of branded music, having launched MEGA in 1984 in New York, eventually moving the company to Las Vegas seven years ago. Prior to that, he was a partner in Contemporary Marketing, a large producer of live entertainment.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What he's done: "Back in the day, we were viewed as a playful opportunity by both artists and brands. Today, there is not a manager, a record company chairman, or a successful artist that isn't fully focused on the opportunities of intelligent entertainment marketing and partnerships with brands." For longtime client Pepsi-Cola North America, MEGA's relationship, which spans over a decade, has evolved from a series of one-off deals to a long-term strategic partnership as Pepsi's go-to-partner for music-based solutions. Socolof engineered the $100 million Pepsi free-music download promotion with Apple's iTunes online music store as well as the company's alliance with Beyonce Knowles.

What's next : A key opportunity is more content creation which has already manifested itself in last year's "Pepsi Smash", a music-based series entering its second season on The WB. MEGA was an executive producer on the show.

Stock-in-trade: "We're passionate about music, passionate about protecting artists' integrity and promoting the long-term health of brands we're privileged to serve."

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