Devery Deals For NMA Clients

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Name: Devery Holmes

Age: 44

Who she is: President of NMA Entertainment, Norm Marshall & Associates

Where she's from: Prior to joining NMA in 1988, Holmes worked in sales and marketing for Time-Life Video. She began her career in entertainment marketing on Regis Philbin's "A.M. Los Angeles," and worked as a P.A. for ABC television on such properties as "Who's The Boss?", "Family Feud", and "The Oscars."

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What she's done: "To be successful in this space takes a lot of flexibility," said Holmes. She points to the collaborative environment on the BMW Z3 Roadster launch, tying into the MGM James Bond property,"Golden Eye", the first one of the franchise pictures starring Pierce Brosnan. "MGM had trouble reaching an audience with Timothy Dalton, so they needed the kind of support the automotive community could provide." The program won a 1995 Super Reggie award. She's also been at the fulcrum of partnerships involving Heineken and New Line's Austin Powers franchise as well as the one for Baskin-Robbins and the first "Shrek" movie from Dreamworks SKG. More recently, she also shepherded her Heineken and Samsung clients through the Warner Bros. "The Matrix Reloaded", a project marked by the mercurial cooperation of the filmmakers, the Wachowski brothers.

What's next: "The digital arena is emerging as the Internet becomes more pervasive. Look for more topic-specific programming. Clients are being challenged to dig deeper and do more impactful things."

Stock-in-trade: "What sets us apart is our relationships. As [the company] celebrates [its] 25th anniversary, some of our clients go back 25 years. We build opportunities based on knowledge and a deep understanding of how the industry works."

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