DreamWorks Has Globe Presence

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Name: Anne Globe

Age: 39

Who she is: Co-head of consumer products division at DreamWorks SKG, with its pedigree of family-friendly megahits like "Shrek" and "Chicken Run" under its belt, along with prestige releases like "Seabiscuit" and "Saving Private Ryan". Globe, who, like other DreamWorks executives, doesn't have a formal title, also oversees consumer products marketing and worldwide film promotions.

Where she's from: One of the early members of the DreamWorks team, Globe has been at the studio since 1996, shortly after its founding. She's a veteran of studio film promotions, consumer products and theme parks—stints at Disney and Universal— and of promotions agencies— she shepherded fast food restaurant and packaged goods accounts at Strottman International. She credits her promotion agency experience with helping her get into the minds of corporate partners and understand what they need from an entertainment entity.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What she's done: Globe has helped steer DreamWorks into long-term partnerships with brand marketers like Burger King, Hewlett-Packard, Hasbro, M&M/Mars and General Mills. A "deeper bond" is essential to learn each other's businesses and make the biggest impact to consumers and retailers, she said. Globe was one of the first Hollywood studio executives to reach out to grocery store chains, making them active promotional partners and using their high-traffic real estate as movie marketing media. Because of her oversight of both promotions and merchandise, she works with a range of companies from Scholastic to Activision.

What's next: DreamWorks has a slew of promotable movies upcoming. In addition to the much-anticipated "Shrek 2", set for next summer, there's also "Shark Tale", and for 2005, "Madagascar", "Over the Hedge", and "Wallace and Gromit, The Movie."

Stock-in-trade: "Our challenge is to develop franchise properties at retail, and you have to be innovative in order to do that. You have to put together a program that retail will find appealing, and for that, you need a good licensee base, great creative, and an entertaining movie."

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