Edelman's Entertainment Exec

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Name: Mary Semling

Age: 34

Who she is: Senior VP-entertainment marketing at Edelman

Where she's from: Semling started out as a member of Edelman's Media Services group, where she coordinated national and local market media tours, satellite media tours, and special event coverage.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What she's done: Expanded Pep Boys' product-placement concept with "2 Fast 2 Furious" into a multifaceted co-branding partnership, including retail and paid media. For Unilever Axe, Semling secured Jamie Kennedy as the host of the "Axe House Party," which ran as a special on TNN.

What's next: "We're really looking to deepen our relationships in Hollywood, and that could take the form of an acquisition or select alliances."

Stock in trade: "We tout our independence. We're not driven by anything but what's best for the brand."

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