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Name: C.J. Olivares

Age: 42

Who he is: VP-programming and marketing at Fuel, the 24/7 action sports network launched by Fox Cable Networks in July 2003. Fuel is available in nearly 10 million homes.

Where he's from: Before helping launch Fuel, Olivares was CEO of production company Broadband Interactive Group(BIG). In 1997, he came to Fox as director of program development and acquisition for Fox Sports Net.

What he's done: Three years ago, Olivares brought Nissan Exterra into the TV show he was producing called "Bluetorch" for Fox Sports Net. The show coordinated with "Bluetorch's" online presence. Exterra was integrated into the show along with endemic sponsors such as Oakley sunglasses, where the car became a set piece, taking talent on the road. A sweepstakes was created to leverage the concept. Olivares also secured Toyota Scion as the broadcast sponsor of Fuel's presentation of the X-Dance Film Festival for action-sports filmmakers, a sanctioned event taking place simultaneously with the Sundance Film Festival. Fuel presented all the films without commercial interruption in prime time throughout the week.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What's next: Olivares and his team are discussing possible partnerships with sister broadcast network Fox for its summer show "North Shore," which takes place in Hawaii. Travel is a nonendemic advertiser category that Olivares cites as an untapped opportunity.

Stock-in-trade: "A lot of people have embraced the language of fear as it relates to this space. I view it as an exciting opportunity and challenge to reinvent the way television is sold."

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