G4's Gamer For Brand America

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Name: Lauren de la Fuente

Age: The mean age of a gamer

Who she is: VP-Ad and Affiliate Marketing at Comcast-backed cable network G4-TV 4 Gamers (44 million homes, pending the approval of its merger with TechTV). This award-winning cable-marketing vet leads strategic and creative marketing for the network, which includes development of branded programming.

Where she's from: Prior to G4, de la Fuente was VP-creative for USA Network and the Sci-Fi Channel. She was also the VP-marketing at MTV, partnering with the network's advertiser and affiliate clients. She has also done stints at Nike and at the former Chiat/Day.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What she's done: "Our integrations with brands have given our viewers an experience of gaming and TV that they can interact with." For Pepsi-Cola Co.'s Mountain Dew, de la Fuente created the Dew Den, a program which involved young adults playing Xbox Live at a Mall of America installation with a related gaming competition involving G4 program hosts also airing on the network. For Toyota's young adult marquee Scion, G4 leveraged the car's positioning of allowing consumers to customize their cars by allowing viewers to customize content on the air. For Nokia N-Gage, G4 created a March Madness promotion that consisted of a series of eight 30-second interstitials that aired on the network and on Nokia's Web site.

What's next: "The TechTV merger will allow more people to see our programming and the innovative ways we tie in advertisers. We also have a bigger platform to be even more creative."

Stock-in-trade: "There is nothing bigger and more exciting than video games. Everyone wants to get involved from [Hollywood director] John Woo to brand advertisers."

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