Hearst's Brand Programmer

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Name: Jim Deutch

Age: 34

Who he is: Hearst Entertainment VP-programming partnerships. He's responsible for the development of broadcast and cable TV programming in conjunction with brands.

Where he's from: Prior to his current stint at Hearst, Deutch was an executive producer for Telepictures and was the founder and president of the Fashion Network, creating programming for E! Entertainment Television. He started his professional career in feature films at companies like Addis-Wechsler.

What he's done: Deutch collaborated with SC Johnson in the distribution and marketing of the Hallmark Channel movie "Carnauba: A Son's Memoir". For seven seasons, Kraft has been a lead sponsor for Hearst syndicated TV series "B.Smith with Style" which has included product integration.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What's next: "I think there will be more integration that will be broader and more well-rounded. Advertisers are learning how to ask for things. Both sides are starting to understand each other better." Deutch is jointly pitching the networks on an "environmentally friendly show" with Ford and its agency J. Walter Thompson. He's also partnering with Hearst magazine Esquire to offer brands both TV and print synergy.

Stock-in-trade: "My job is to come up with a great program and to understand the needs of the sponsors and the agency and to say we're with you. A lot of producers look at it and they get scared that this big corporation is going to take over and tell me what to do and I've never had that experience."

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