Litvak Links Brands To Hollywood

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Name: Mitch Litvak

Age: 39

Who he is: Founder and president, The L.A. Office

Where he's from: Litvak began his career at Universal Pictures in a publicity/promotions role, based in New York. He moved to Hollywood to work at the Walt Disney Co. on successful marketing efforts for such hit pictures as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "Pretty Woman." As Disney's director of international marketing, Litvak was instrumental in setting up the studio's global distribution. He returned to Universal as director of national promotions before founding The L.A. Office in 1994.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What he's done: Created The L.A. Office as an information and contact resource for brand marketers and their ad agencies to facilitate the navigation of entertainment opportunities. As part of his mission, he launched the RoadShow in 1998, which has grown into a three-day event for content producers in film, TV, and music to trot out their future properties for brand-marketer consideration.

What's next: "We're doing more with Internet and e-mail marketing and really honing our Web site [which lists 3,000 entertainment opportunities] as a must-visit destination…in the world of entertainment marketing." Litvak is also committed to adding a video gaming component to the RoadShow in the future.

Stock in trade: "We're committed to providing brand marketers like Starbucks and Coke a leg up in contacting the entertainment companies. It's easier working with the studios when you know what their slates are as opposed to just calling them blindly."

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