How David Pinsky Hustles Motorola as Cell Phone of the Stars

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Who: David A. Pinsky, 38, is director of entertainment marketing for Motorola, and is responsible for overseeing programs specifically targeted
Mr. Pinsky said the use of a Motorola cell phone by Sarah Jessica Parker in 'Sex and the City' was his biggest success to date.

toward the entertainment industry. That includes providing Hollywood power brokers and celebrities and their TV shows, films or music videos with product, as well as sponsoring events at the Sundance Film Festival or its own annual star-studded holiday party.

What is Motorola's M&V play?: "We're working to create a preference and awareness of the Motorola brand and its products within the entertainment space. Our major goal is to become the cell phone of choice among Hollywood's hottest celebrities, influencers and trendsetters and, ultimately, consumers."

Mr. Pinsky's credentials: A Motorola employee for the past 15 years, Mr. Pinsky started at the company as a public relations assistant, then moved up to PR manager, responsible for the worldwide PR for all of the company's consumer products. He began focusing on the entertainment business after moving from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1999.

What are some challenges you face?: "The biggest challenge a company can face is overexposure. We don't ever want the entertainment community to become saturated with Motorola. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. We work to maintain an appropriate level of exposure and presence."

What does Motorola get out of buddying up to Hollywood?: "The association with Hollywood lends an alternative perspective to consumers that our products are not just reliable and durable, but design savvy, fashion forward and cool. It's an unofficial and influential third-party endorsement to the style and functionality expertise that Motorola is known for, and creates an impression that business-to-business media cannot always provide. Our Hollywood presence is the perfect compliment to our traditional PR and marketing efforts, thus completing the circle to reach all of our core demographics in one way or another."

How do you measure success?: "Certainly the awareness level of Motorola cell phones has increased dramatically in the last five years since we put down roots in L.A. There isn't an event one could go to in this town and not see an actor or actress sporting a
Mr. Pinsky said the use of a Motorola cell phone by Sarah Jessica Parker in 'Sex and the City' was his biggest success to date.

Motorola. We have been very fortunate to cultivate incredibly strong talent relationships and many of those actors have the ability to reach consumers in ways that we cannot. Additionally, many use Motorola products in their film and TV projects, tout our products in media interviews and recommend our products to other actors, friends and families."

Give an example of a success story: "One of the biggest was the inclusion of a Motorola cell phone in Sex and the City. Our relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker led to the feature of only Motorola cell phones on one of HBO's most successful programs. In fact, in the final scene of the series, Mr. Big's real name is revealed on the display of her Motorola cell. Can't get better than that. Week after week, TV's top shows feature our products, many the result of our direct relationships with talent."

What hasn't worked?: "This is a live-and-learn business and in an effort to be successful, there are always lessons along the way. We have high expectations and sometimes, when others are orchestrating an event, not all of our goals are met."

Top lessons learned while dealing with Hollywood: "Building strong relationships is key to success. Working hard to develop strong professional ties has paid off in many ways, and while many say it's good to keep the business and personal sides separate, I would disagree. Many of my best working relationships have developed into amazing friendships and I think when you strive for high goals, it's good to know someone has your back rather than trying to stab it. Also, it's important to set goals that are realistic for your company. But at the same time, slightly out of reach so that you are always working just a bit harder than the next guy to reach them."

What keeps you awake at night?: "Usually my cell phone! I never turn it off because I want this town to always view me as a strong and valued resource. I'm always available to anyone, at any time for any question. I'm in the communications business, so I can't really not be available."

What's next for Motorola?: "Right around the corner is Moto6, our annual celebration of our presence in Hollywood. This party has become the event of the holiday season, and once again we have an amazing performer, L.L. Cool J. Past performers have included Pink, Missy Elliott and Pat Benatar. This event has become a must-attend Hollywood tradition. In January, we return to the Sundance Film Festival for the seventh year. After that is our special phone for the Oscar nominees."

What phone do you carry? "I carry two: A Verizon 710 and the brand new Razr V3 for Cingular. I like to be very accessible."
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