Momentum's Weil Touts 'Value Chain'

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Name: Chris Weil

Age: 38

Who he is: Weil is chairman-CEO of Momentum Worldwide, an entertainment-marketing unit within McCann-Erickson WorldGroup.

Where he's from: Weil has been a key player at Momentum in a variety of incarnations. Prior to his current role, he was Momentum's Regional Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa for three years. Before that, he was president of Momentum, New York. He got into the business by helping create Regency Productions, a Chicago shop that produced live events and TV.

What he's done: "Whether you get into branded content or are doing the :30 spot or a promotion, we're still chasing the same thing as marketers, which is how do we really integrate all our communications." Weil points to the recent program for the American Express Blue card leading up to the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. Momentum helped create a series of shows featuring artists like Elvis Costello, The Strokes and Mary J.Blige, transforming the venue with such touches as adding plasma screens, which are more consistent with the "tech look of Blue." The shows are being syndicated over 100 radio stations and a compilation CD is being considered. Momentum also put together the Dave Matthews Band concert in New York's Central Park last autumn for the launch of AOL 9.0.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What's next: "If you look at content creation, it hasn't come necessarily from holding companies. The opportunity in my eyes is get some of the people who are coming up with ideas day in and day out that may live in below-the-line or in 30-second spots and adapt those ideas so they become a part of a value chain instead of just a marketing exercise. It's not the lack of ideas; it's the connecting of ideas that's still being worked through in the holding companies."

Stock-in-trade: "We have an ideas-based culture that is media-agnostic. We will create the medium to work in. And we're global; nobody else has 62 offices around the world."

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