Muravyov's Match Game

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Lee Trink has been appointed to the new post of general manager of Lava Records. He will report to Jason Flom, chairman and CEO of the Warner Music Group's Atlantic Records Group and president and founder of Lava. Trink was formerly VP-marketing at Lava.

Courtenay Valenti has been upped to exec-VP of production at Warner Bros. Pictures. Valenti, who reports to production chief Jeff Robinov, was previously senior-VP of production, a post she has held since 1996.

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Name: Igor Muravyov

Age: 30

Who he is: President of Magnetic Alliance, based in Cambridge, Mass.

Where he's from: Before launching the company under the original moniker of ePropshop a year and a half ago, Muravyov completed his M.B.A. at Boston University. Prior to that, he did a stint in the financial-services industry.

What he's done: The idea to create an online marketplace to facilitate co-branding opportunities between consumer brands and entertainment content producers was hatched by Muravyov while he was in business school in 2001. He got ePropshop financed by angel investors and launched in March 2003. "Our pitch to the studios was not about replacing their traditional channels for sourcing products but [instead] we're going to get your production in front of more people. It was a fairly easy pitch." Muravyov also believes that "second-tier" brands and entertainment companies can benefit greatly from his service, those companies whose "phones are not ringing off the hook."

What's next: For the present time, don't expect Muravyov to add a research and measurement offering to his client base due to the considerable level of funding and resources required. "Our refinements—coming out soon—will be in making the system easier to use and making the matches more perfect ones."

Stock-in-trade:"Contrary to what many think, Magnetic Alliance is not a technology company. We are an information company. We listen to our customers and then build a technology to help them meet their needs."

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