Mark McIntire Scores an Integration Hit on VH1 Classic

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Name: Mark McIntire

Age: 47

Who he is: Mr. McIntire is senior vice president of integrated marketing for the Viacom cable network VH1. The job involves
Mark McIntire, VH1's senior vice president of integrated marketing.

working with advertisers across VH1, VH1 Classic and

Where he's from: Mr. McIntire joined Viacom in May 1996 as vice president of marketing. He was previously marketing director at News Corp.'s FX network and before that hailed from Los Angeles' Pacific Design Center, a real-estate investment firm.

What he's done: He helped bring in T-Mobile as a sponsor for VH1's first "Hip Hop Honors," which premieres Oct. 12. "We created the VH1 Hip Hop Hooray Sweepstakes for T-Mobile, where people can enter from their phones," Mr. McIntyre says. T-Mobile is also offering hip-hop ring tones and sponsored the VH1 Web site.

Earlier this fall, Mr. McIntire partnered VH1 Classic with British Airways to help boost awareness of the popular series Bands Reunited, which united members of defunct 1980s rock groups such as The Alarm, Haircut 100, New Kids on the Block and The Motels for another go at it.

Mr. McIntire says it is the first year that VH1 Classic has taken advertising. "We promoted a sweepstakes on both VH1 and VH1 Classic to win a trip to fly to London." The promotion featured British Airways on European versions of the show, which was then aired internationally. Bands Reunited began airing in this month and runs through November. When asked how he gauges the success of the project, Mr. McIntire says, "Whenever I can bring brands that are already a perfect fit, it's a success. British Airways found the exposure to be very valuable."

What's next: VH1 is currently airing the wacky reality series Surreal Life, and as the channel gets ready to begin taping the second season, Mr. McIntyre is hoping to bring in some new branded entertainment partners. He won't say whom just yet, but says that this shows is just one of many that will offer new integration opportunities.

Stock-in-trade: "I think of myself as an inside/outside solution guy. By that I mean that since I spent a good chunk of my career outside of television, I'm able to take into account both client and network perspectives," he says.
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