Pontiac's Richer Calls Out Marketers

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Name: Marc-Hans Richer

Age: 37

Who he is: Director-Marketing for Pontiac at General Motors Corp.

Where he's from: Richer joined GM in 1998 for the launch of the Silverado. Two years later, he became the ad director on GMC. Another two years later, he was shifted onto Pontiac.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What he's done: Pontiac has been active on the product-integration front in a high-profile manner. In 2002, the GTO appeared prominently in Revolution Studios' Vin Diesel hit "XXX." The car was specifically selected by director Rob Cohen, and Richer and his team enhanced the association by leveraging the DVD release platform for the movie. Pontiac will also play a large role in Cohen's new project, "The Last Ride," starring Dennis Hopper, that will air as an original movie on the USA Network in June. Again, Richer is emphasizing the ancillary marketing platforms as well, i.e., DVD and soundtrack possibilities. "Our relationship with the creative community is as important as with the media community. We can't just buy our way into Hollywood with media buys," said Richer.

What's next: "There is more to do on the Web. You'd be a moron not to think so. As broadband kicks in and hard drives get bigger, there are going to be new ways to reach people… I might get a TV ad to you through your Palm and hopefully it'll help you and not annoy you."

Stock-in-trade: "One of the things lacking in our industry is a [higher] level of client responsibility. An agency is not going to do something [in branded entertainment] if you don't tell [it] to if it's not its expertise."

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