Quiksilver Mines For Branding Gold

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Names: Matt Jacobson(l.)and Danny Kwock

Ages: Jacobson-42, Kwock-43,

Who they are: Kwock is the president of Quiksilver Entertainment, the surf-apparel and youth lifestyle company's in-house branded entertainment unit, which was created in 2002. Jacobson is VP of Quiksilver Entertainment.

Where they're from: Kwock, a 25-year veteran of the company, is a native Hawaiian and ex-professional surfer. He also serves as exec VP-marketing for the flagship Quiksilver company in addition to his role at the entertainment unit. Prior to co-founding Quiksilver Entertainment, Jacobson served as CEO of Broadband Interactive Group. He also was a senior digital media executive at News Corp. and was an agent at Creative Artists Agency.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What they've done: They partnered with Fox Sports Net to create "54321," a daily action-sports news show. Quiksilver also played an integral role in MTV's "Surf Girls," a reality program involving a surfing contest sponsored by Quiksilver line Roxy. They've also signed with HarperCollins for the Luna Bay book series.

What's next: Having forged corporate partnerships with brands such as Sony and Snapple, the duo is actively pursuing an automotive company. "We can only handle five corporate partners; we're not going to go out and get 20 partners to underwrite what we do. We want to be their eyes and ears for the youth market while being able to leverage their budgets to get our message out of the monastery."

Stock-in-trade: "Entertainment is a critical component of our business so it's something that we can't outsource. It's our responsibility as the market leader to create projects that are platforms for the entire category because if it's just about Quiksilver, kids are going to call us on our bullshit right away."

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