Scripting Brands At Universal

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Name: Kevin McAuliffe

Age: 42

Who he is: Senior VP-integrated brand entertainment, Universal Television Networks. Reporting to Jeff Lucas, president-UTN Media Sales, McAuliffe is responsible for partnership marketing with brand marketers across each of three cable networks— Sci Fi, USA and Trio—mining all assets across Universal's entertainment divisions including the movie studio and theme parks.

Where he's from: Once the Barry Diller interest is unwound and NBC closes its acquisition of the Vivendi Universal entertainment assets, which include the UTN channels, McAuliffe will begin his second tour of duty at the Peacock, where he worked in marketing and promotion from 1994-1997. Before his current gig, which started in 2002, McAuliffe was the senior-VP of affiliate sales and marketing for Gemstar-TV Guide International.

What he's done: McAuliffe, collaborating with OMD, cut a multimillion-dollar brand-integration deal—a virtual OMD monopoly—with Sci-Fi Channel's five-part June miniseries, "5 Days to Midnight." OMD clients such as Nissan, McDonald's, Visa and Federal Express are some of the brands participating. He was also in the middle of the recent pact with General Motors' Pontiac division for the integration of the GTO into "The Last Ride," a TV movie starring Dennis Hopper that will also air in June on USA.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What's next: "[With technology developing], what you might see is an emergence of a new type of programming that is pure commerce-driven. It won't replace pure entertainment, but it could be a more refined version of the QVC model with more narrative. It'll be entertainment with relevant information that results in an action almost immediately."

Stock-in-trade: "The dialogue between sales, marketing, and programming and powers-to-be at the top of the house is on the same plane. Not that we always agree, but the conversations here are so rich as far as exploring opportunities."

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