Charlie Collier Integrates Sponsors Into Court TV

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Name: Charlie Collier

Age: 35

Who he is: Mr. Collier is executive vice president of advertising sales for Court TV. In addition to running the airtime and
Charlie Collier makes the sponsors part of the promos as well as the programs.

online ad sales, he supports ancillary businesses such as marketing and research. "We're working to prove commercials work harder in our environment and show some return on what we call investigation." Court TV, owned 50% Time Warner and 50% by Liberty Media Corp., wants to be known as "Court TV: The Investigation Channel" and is fitting its programming to that theme.

Where he's from: Mr. Collier has been at Court TV for three years and was previously senior vice president of ad sales at Oxygen Media. He began his career in media at a spot sales firm called Telerep before moving to A&E in 1993 as an account executive. He eventually rose to vice president of New York.

What he's done: Since he joined Court TV, the cable network has added 150 new advertisers in every major category. "We encourage people to measure how well the schedules are working," says Mr. Collier, who claims that the channel retains viewers for programming and commercials longer than any other cable outlet. "We're about accountability, proving not all commercial environments are the same." Mr. Collier also involved sponsors of the Court TV show Psychic Detectives in an event at the Time Warner Center in New York this month. The event featured psychics giving hundreds of predictions to the crowd. Masterfoods and Subaru were among the sponsors. "We took the sponsors with us," says Mr. Collier, who adds that they also received online real estate.

What's next: Court TV is in the midst of signing marketers as integration partners on one of its biggest series launches of the year. The Chase begins in the first quarter next year and Coca-Cola Co. has already signed up as the first integrated partner. The adventure series follows folks trying to track down clues to help in their quest for a cash prize. Thirsty contestants might be rewarded with a Diet Coke as they go about the competition.

Stock-in-trade: Mr. Collier is said to be the youngest executive vice president at any major cable station -- and with an MBA from Columbia University he is smart, too.
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