Smelling Like A 'Desert Rose'

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Name:Courtney Holt

Age: 35

Who he is: Head of New Media, Business Development, and Strategic Marketing, Interscope Geffen A&M

Where he's from: Holt's showbiz career began in the mailroom at Atlantic Records in Los Angeles. He moved on to work on "The Ben Stiller Show" and has had extensive experience as a music video producer, including the Spike Jonze-directed "Sure Shot" for the Beastie Boys. He ultimately filled the post of director of video production at Atlantic in 1994.He moved on to A&M and was retained following the 1999 mega-merger of Universal and PolyGram into the Universal Music Group.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What he's done: Holt played a key role in the Sting-Jaguar "Desert Rose" integration in 2001. "Nobody went into that video assuming we were going to generate a TV spot for Jaguar that was going to sell 2 [million] to 3 million records in America. And nobody thought that an artist like Sting would be open to that level of marketing." He was also at the center of Interscope's involvement in the development and launch of Coke's "Real" campaign. Holt also points to the recent launch of Apple's iTunes online music store as progress toward leveraging the digital music space as a convergence of customer-relationship-marketing and premiums. "Apple really stepped out on the marketing end and integrated our artists."

What's next: "We're building our proposals to brands to include integrated marketing services, including our consumer research, around tour sponsorships that allows them to take their street marketing, their viral marketing, and their media dollars and blend it all together."

Stock in Trade: "[Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman]Jimmy Iovine and [Interscope's head of Marketing/Sales]Steve Berman have been forward-thinking execs. We always approach brand marketing as a partnership. In our industry, I've seen a lot of 'we need this; let's get it now.' Interscope is the largest record company in America. We're also trying to become one of the best marketing companies in America."

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