Sony's Arrieta Pushes Technology

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Name: Michael Arrieta

Age: 35

Who he is: Senior VP-strategic alliances, Sony Pictures Digital Networks, overseeing sales, licensing, acquisition and distribution of Sony's entertainment in the digital arena.

Where he's from: Arrieta has been at Sony for the past seven years, working in both traditional and digital media, always with an eye toward "finding ways to monetize our content, and finding new ways to deliver content," he said. Prior to Sony, he worked as a strategic consultant in PriceWaterhouseCoopers' Entertainment Group, where he had Hollywood studios like Disney and Fox, and TV production companies such as Steven Bochco Productions as clients.

What he's done: A recent deal between Sony's syndicated "Wheel of Fortune," the top-rated game show, and American Express splashed the marketer's Blue Cash all over the set— including Vanna in a blue dress, blue cars, Blue Man Group tickets—and embedded its messages into the game's content. Co-branded print, TV and online ads accompanied the promotion. An alliance with Qwest Communications pushed that company's broadband service by giving consumers free Sony games, movie downloads, music and soap operas when they signed up. An Intel deal to create demand for Wi-Fi gave consumers-on-the-go access to Sony games, music, movie ticket-buying and other features. "Our partners want to drive consumer reaction," Arrieta said. The best way to do that is to marry the entertainment content with various distribution platforms, focusing on the ROI for the partner, he said.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What's next: "We have to look for more ways for the consumer to interact with the brand, instead of continuing to hit them multiple times with a message that often doesn't get through."

Stock in trade: "We're trying to take Madison and Vine and technology and put them all together in interesting ways," Arrieta said. "People are consuming content in new ways—games, PCs, Wi-Fi— and the core assets we have are our brands. Nothing showcases technology better than those brands."

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