Jeff Hallock Pioneers Sprint's Third Screen Entertainment Strategies

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Who: Jeff Hallock, vice president of Sprint Corp.'s wireless data product strategy.

Why you need to know him: Mr. Hallock is in charge of brokering content deals for Sprint's services and hardware, including the Sprint PCS Vision multimedia handsets, which broadcast Sprint TV.
Jeff Hallock is in charge of making content deals for Sprint's wireless devices.

How close is the "third screen" to reaching critical mass? "We're getting there. We have 8 million wireless data subscribers. Of that, they contribute $6 to our ARPU, or average revenue per user, almost 10% of our $61 average. It's strong evidence that the customer is viewing the third screen as a new medium for them."

What content is working on mobile? "Games are front and center. There are 20 publishers in the game space, some from console games and online, and others made for mobile. In the music space, ring tones and [other technology given the type of mobile phone] the equivalent of satellite radio, 24-hour commercial free, multiple channel content. Screensavers. Text messaging applications, picture mail and video mail. Imaging [printing camera photos] is a high growth area. Video on demand."

Will live newscasts on mobile phones have commercials? "The broadcasts will be taking exactly what is on the air. Ads on them will be seen on the mobile screen. It will demonstrate literally that what you see on TV is what you see on the mobile phone screen. The ads will reinforce the value of the live mobile broadcast."

What role will advertising have on the third screen? "There are some opportunities in mobile for consumers to raise their hands and ask for advertising or text messages for specific products. There are a variety of ways to make it relevant to people. But you have to avoid spam and leave it to people to opt in."

How will advertising be measured in the mobile space? "It depends. There will be a variety of different measures depending on content or category. Text messaging is similar to direct mail and will be measured in ways similar to direct response. Video or audio content will be measured by TV or radio standards."

How are deals going down in the mobile space? "Deals are taking a lot of different forms. We view the mobile phone as a subscription service and we are looking for great high value content for our customers."

Which marketers will be able to take advantage of the third screen? "There are great opportunities for consumer package goods marketers to extend the relationship they have with their customers via interactive applications and the variety of ways they can get in touch. There are opportunities to give people things that are relevant. Still, a lot of companies are trying to figure out how to make mobile a part of what they do."

What's the ideal length of mobile video content? "It's snack TV -- small bites of interesting or relevant content filling down time."

Will the mobile phone evolve into a bona fide medium? "It's inevitable people will want to consume [entertainment] content on their phones."

When? "We are on a journey. I'm not going to say this is prime time."

What phone do you carry? "Sanyo 5600 with a 1 megapixel camera, removable miniSD, video media player. It plays great downloadable games. It also makes a good phone call."

What do you photograph with your camera phone? "Silly faces."

Who is your best friend? "My wife, a beautiful lady."

Who is your mentor? "Someone whom I've worked with in the past helps me with how to approach this emerging space. But overall, we work in a space that doesn't have a lot of precedent to it."
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