Christmas Comes Early for Social Media as Reviled Pharma CEO Is Arrested

FBI Takes Down Martin Shkreli and the Universe Calls It Karma

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Martin Shkreli, the face of pharmaceutical-industry greed, has been arrested by the FBI, and the Twittersphere couldn't be happier about it.

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Shkreli became a media phenomenon in September when he arbitrarily jacked up the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000%. The baby-faced drug lord seemed to relish his status as 2015's Most Hated Man in America, and often took to Twitter to bash back at his critics. Just last week he made headlines again when Bloomberg revealed him to be the mystery buyer of the $2-million single-copy Wu-Tang Clan album.

All this, of course, as the pharmaceutical industry could desperately use some good PR, given the American Medical Association's recent call to stop direct-to-consumer pharma ads in the United States.

This morning, given that he's in FBI custody for suspected securities fraud, Shkreli is silent on Twitter, but his name is a global trending topic as the Twittersphere celebrates his downfall. Some choice reactions:

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