A One-Day Roadblock in Spain

Acciona Dominates Key Media Outlets for 24 Hours

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Brand: Acciona
Brand Owner: Acciona
Category: Corporate
Region: Spain
Date: October 2005
Media Agency: Universal McCann
Other Agencies: McCann Erickson
Media Channels: Print

Acciona is one of the largest holding companies in Spain. The challenge for Universal McCann was to find a way to emphasize the company's scale and scope and position it as one of the most important groups in the country.

The campaign's aim was to convince investors that this was a powerful, pioneering company.

Acciona was the sole advertiser in six key periodicals, three national newspapers and three business magazines, for one day.
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However, skeptical investors tend to only take the print media seriously, and a host of similar brands regularly flood the newspapers Acciona wanted to use for advertising.

To ensure the message wouldn't get lost in the clutter, Acciona decided to do something spectacular. It became the sole advertiser in six key periodicals -- three national newspapers and three business titles -- on Oct. 28. In total, the company ran more than 200 ads on that single day.

The ad spots communicated a variety of messages, all of which outlined the company's main values and activity. Some of the ads simply showed the Acciona logo.

The scale of the investment and the use of key titles convinced investors that Acciona was a credible, relevant brand. The strategy reached 98% of the target audience and brand awareness rose from 50% to 97% among the core target and the general public.

The media investment also attracted significant publicity both in the specialist marketing press and on TV, radio and in print.

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