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Orkin Outdoor Campaign Catches Bugs

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Brand: Orkin
Brand Owner: Orkin Pest Control
Category: Household Goods
Region: Canada
Date: October 2006
Agency: ReThink
Media Channels: Outdoor

Pesticides have had a bad press recently, so this campaign was designed to demonstrate just how necessary they are. To promote bug-spray brand Orkin, a clever adaptation of the outdoor medium was devised to show consumers just how many bugs there are. And how we humans live cheek by jowl with the little critters.
A new type of outdoor ad: a sticky, scented plaque meant to attract bugs.
A new type of outdoor ad: a sticky, scented plaque meant to attract bugs.

The media solution to this demonstration challenge was to create a new medium -- sticky outdoor, an outdoor poster that would attract enough insects to show the size of the bug population without getting clogged up.

The creative challenge was to find the right dilution of scented adhesive, with the captured bugs gradually combining to create the Orkin logo.

Four plaques were placed in spots where bugs thrive -- near shade, lights and vegetation -- and mounted in a guerrilla fashion as managers and land owners wouldn't want too many people to know just how many bugs were near their property.

Anecdotal evidence suggests a strong word-of-mouth response to the activity. Plans are being considered for a more extensive campaign in the spring, when the bug season is in full swing, possibly using larger executions such as bus shelter advertising.

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