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Juicy Fruit Grants Australian Teens Online Rewards

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Brand: Juicy Fruit
Brand Owner: Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.
Category: Confectionery/snacks
Region: Australia
Date: May to June 2007
Media Agency: OMD
Media Owner: Habbo Hotel
Media Channel: Internet

Juicy Fruit had become a forgotten brand among teenagers -- high overall awareness but low spontaneous awareness. It also was seen as lacking personality and losing relevance with consumers in a competitive market. The challenge was to re-establish a brand connection with teens and rebuild sales.
Juicy Fruit Beach Cafe at Habbo Hotel
Juicy Fruit Beach Cafe at Habbo Hotel

A key insight about teen behavior was that, unlike previous generations, this group often spends evenings meeting up with friends on virtual dates or socializing in online chat rooms. Other research revealed a common outdoor activity: going to the beach.

The ensuing idea was to tap into the online world and use its social-networking environment to hold the world's largest online beach party. Juicy Fruit found a partner in HabboHotel.com, a virtual environment delivering more than 124,000 unique visitors per month in Australia with a core age group of 13 to 18.

The Juicy Fruit Beach Cafe opened in Habbo Hotel -- not only the venue for the beach party but somewhere teens could interact with each other and the brand. Reach was enhanced through partnerships with Girlfriend, Xbox and PlayStation magazines for editorial backing. To stimulate sales, a competition was created where teens were directed to buy Juicy Fruit and enter via a dedicated competition site or SMS to win Habbo Credits (Habbo Hotel's currency) or a Juicy Fruit beach umbrella.

This promotion alone produced considerable results, with entries exceeding 325,000. The campaign also set a world record for largest online beach party.

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