Blogging Tool Promotes Educational Video Game

In Japan, Traditional Writing Gets Boost From Emerging Media

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Brand: Kanken DS
Brand Owner: Rocket Co.
Category: Computers/software
Region: Japan
Date: December 2006
Agency: Dentsu
Media Channels: Gaming, widgets, TV

The rise of the computer has had an impact on traditional knowledge in Japan. One result has been the decline in kanji, or character-writing skills, a fact recognized by 85% of adults. Rocket planned to release Kanken DS, a game for Nintendo DS to allow consumers to study the correct kanji via games. The challenge was to let consumers sample before they bought and help the game stand out from rival offerings.

Media research showed just how popular blogs are in Japan, with approximately 31% of the world's blogs written in Japanese, according to one survey. The solution was a special sidebar tool that bloggers could add to their site. Each tool included a link to Amazon and its affiliate program turning each blog that added the tool into a new sales channel and benefiting the blogger as well.

The tool allowed consumers to click on the sidebar tool to open a lifesize image of the DS console. The mouse pointer then turned into a touch pen to allow users to sample the game.

To get consumers excited and return to the game, the brand added further interactive elements to the activity. First, all scores were ranked by location, creating a sense of regional rivalry, and second, readers on each blog could see the bloggers' own score to drive competition in this way.

One hundred thousand consumers tried out Kanken DS in the first 50 days of the campaign with sales exceeding 500,000 units. Involving the bloggers also created more publicity with 10,000 articles written about the game. TV was also part of the schedule.

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