'Bourne Ultimatum' Takes It to the Streets

Universal Promotes Film Through Assassin Game in the U.K.

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Brand: "The Bourne Ultimatum"
Brand Owner: Universal Pictures
Category: Publishing and broadcasting
Region: U.K.
Date: July 2007
Media Agency: Street Wars
Other Agencies: Big Spaceship
Media Owner: Google
Media Channels: Events, mobile, internet, out of home

Universal Pictures wanted to promote the final film in the Bourne trilogy, "The Bourne Ultimatum," in a way that was relevant to the film's theme. The tale involves an intriguing game of cat and mouse as the U.S. government attempts to track down an errant special agent.
Armed and dangerous: A 'Street Wars' assassin.
Armed and dangerous: A 'Street Wars' assassin.

Universal's solution was a street-game concept that would engage consumers. "Street Wars" is an "assassination" game that was started in 2004 by two city workers in New York. It has run independently in cities throughout the world, and Universal linked up with the company to create a Bourne-themed version in the U.K. Wannabe assassins accepted three-week missions during which they used water guns to try to squirt assigned targets before being tracked down by the people assigned to them.

After registering online, participants were sent their missions and told to meet an agent who would provide the target's name, photo, and home and work addresses. Players were not allowed to be attacked at work, on the underground or in bars but otherwise were fair game both day and night. They could be "killed" by getting hit with a squirt of water. Some 160 people participated, and the last remaining player won a cash prize.

Additionally, Universal partnered with search giant Google to create an online game, "The Ultimate Search for Bourne With Google." The game was inspired by the films and allowed players to assumer the identity of a former CIA operative as they tracked rogue agent Jason Bourne across three continents, solving clues that bring them closer to revealing Bourne's identity. The game used Google tools including search, Maps and YouTube. Google promoted the game though search results related to the film.

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