Brazil's 'Big Brother' Product Placement Proves Sticky

Super Bonder Glue Gets Starring Role on Reality Show

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Brand: Super Bonder
Brand Owner: Henkel
Category: Home/Garden
Region: Brazil
Date: March 2006
Media Agency: N/A
Other Agencies: DDB
Media Channels: TV

"Big Brother" is a TV phenomenon. And it's also a perfect environment for product placement. In Australia, media shop Zenith turned the set into a wintery landscape to promote the movie "The Day After Tomorrow," and in Brazil, DDB found an ideal way to promote Henkel glue brand Super Bonder.
This is how to get 60 million consumers to see how good your product is.
This is how to get 60 million consumers to see how good your product is.

As part of the finals of "Big Brother 6," the contestants were set a task that would demonstrate the power of Super Bonder in front of 60 million potential purchasers.

The contestants were split into two teams and members had to glue their shoes to a piece of board and they were then hoisted up onto a frame so they were hanging upside down. Once upside down they had to throw balls into a receptacle and the person who got the most balls in won the task. The brand was on TV for 10 minutes and the stunt was even repeated the next day by broadcaster Globo TV.

Old U.K. hands will recall the classic 1882 Araldite ad, which featured a car stuck to a billboard in London; the next day a second car was added to the poster and finally consumers saw only a gaping hole in the poster site with the message "How did we pull it off?"

This campaign for Super Bonder brings the demonstration strategy to life in a way that is truly relevant for today's media environment.

Using "Big Brother" to illustrate how effective the Henkel brand can be proves that having faith in your product can be effective.

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