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In Brazil, Fiat Cinema Spot Lets Audience Vote on Ending

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Brand: Fiat
Category: Automotive
Region: Brazil
Date: October to December 2006
Agencies : AgenciaClick, O2 Filmes, Rain Brasil, Tellvox
Media Channels: Cinema, mobile

The Fiat Idea Adventure is a light off-road car based on Fiat's Adventure line that's aimed at adventurous people who just happen to live in cities. The idea for the launch was to awaken the idea of adventure in a wide audience of potential purchasers.

The media solution -- which was highlighted at Cream's Venice Media Festival recently as one of the Cream of Venice Selections -- was to turn the cinema into an interactive adventure. This would enable the message to match the movie adventures that consumers had come to watch. It's a place where the only limit is the filmmaker's imagination.

Audiences were asked to vote via their cell phones on what should happen next in Fiat's ads.
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AgenciaClick and Fiat put together an innovative ad that allowed consumers to determine the adventures of John, a busy man whose day is about to turn into an adventure. The audience used their mobiles to determine the events he would experience that day. The six-minute film has 16 different versions depending on the consumer votes.

The execution worked by taking an ad shown during the normal previews that asked consumers a series of personal questions that they could vote on using SMS. The program then ran two more film previews before showing the story generated from the majority votes.

At the end of the story, viewers are invited to create another day in John's life at

The execution has been shown at fashionable cinemas in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and has helped position Fiat as an innovative car brand. Extensive editorial coverage was secured in national and international magazines and newspapers as well as on TV. Traffic to the website, which has details of the Fiat Idea Adventure, is still high.

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