Taking the Extreme Sports Rush to the Bathroom

Coke's Georgia Coffee Makes Toilets in Japanese Ski Resorts Look Like Snowboard Half-Pipes

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Coca-Cola Co's leading Japanese canned coffee brand Georgia has a Georgia Max Coffee version full of sugar and caffeine that enjoys a particular affinity with the extreme sports scene. Extreme sports are all about "the rush," as adrenaline junkies search the world for the next big thrill. For skiers and snowboarders enjoying the Japanese winter sports season, Max Coffee brought that adrenaline rush into the bathroom by decorating toilet cubicles in Japan's ski resorts to resemble a snowboard half-pipe. The campaign by Tugboat, Tokyo, is an extension of the previous year's successful "ski-jump" toilets, in which anyone using the toilet had a ski jumper's view of a steep painted slope.

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