Not Quite Cold, Hard Cash but It'll Do

An E-commerce Payment Player's 'Sampling' Program

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Brand: Pago
Brand Owner: Auckland Saving Bank
Category: Telecoms/mobile
Region: New Zealand
Date: December 2006 to January 2007
Media Agency: OMD
Other Agencies: WhyBin TBWA
Media Owner: Adshel, the Hypefactory
Media Channels: Radio, Out of home, Ambient

A mobile phone can do many things. Play music, take pictures and even allow you to call your mates. In New Zealand, Pago, an e-commerce payment provider, wanted to allow cellphones to do something else -- become a virtual wallet that lets consumers text money from mobile to mobile. The key target audience for this technology was "digital natives" likely to be 18 to 24 years old and capable of using an iPod, computer and PlayStation at the same time as surfing a WAP site.

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The challenge was to reach an ad-adverse audience and build up subscription numbers rapidly. The media solution was to digitize traditional and ambient media backed up by a free Pago cash giveaway.

Bluetooth and infrared technology were integrated into outdoor ads, turning Adshels into cash machines with a free cash vouchers to download. Radio promotions provided additional messages.

And at Big Day Out -- the biggest youth music event in the country -- the promotional bus "texted" free cash vouchers via Bluetooth technology.

Other activity included stickers on New Zealand currency with a digital image stuck on thousands of $5 notes. These were distributed via key retailers and via cash machines at Big Day Out.

And at Auckland's central transport depot, a billboard covered in Post-It notes provided another way for consumers to access some free cash.

Subscription levels were three times ahead of target in the first week and within two months awareness of the service 40%. Pago is now listed as a recommended payment option on New Zealand's largest auction website.

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