Rexona Sweat-o-Meter

In the Netherlands, Selling Deodorant by Encouraging More Sweating

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Rexona Sweat-o-Meter

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Deodorant maker Rexona wanted to encourage men in the Netherlands to get active -- and therefore sweaty -- while leveraging its Dutch Soccer Association sponsorship. So it developed the Sweat-o-meter, a sort of pedometer that could be attached to the wrist to measure movement or "sweat meters."

The Sweat-o-meter was distributed as a free gift with each deodorant purchase during the months before the Olympic Games, where the Dutch Soccer Association youth team was to compete. Guys had to try to clock 88,888 sweat meters (a reference to the opening date of the Olympics, 8/8/08). When they did that, a code would appear on the device that could be entered on a website for a chance to win one of 11 VIP trips to Beijing to be part of a support team.

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