Duracell Pumps Up the Volume

Promotion for High-Powered Battery Jumps Into Live-Music Scene

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Brand: Duracell
Brand Owner: Duracell
Category: Electronic Goods
Region: U.K.
Date: May 2007 - Sept. 2007
Media Agency: Starcom MediaVest
Other Agencies: Ogilvy
Media Channels: Out-of-Home, Ambient, Events

With technological changes pushing battery consumption in new directions, Duracell's business was at a turning point. Grounded in mainstream everyday batteries, the brand needed to evolve by achieving a strong position in specialized high-powered batteries. While the brand enjoyed high levels of overall awareness, sales and awareness were poor for its Ultra M3 product, specially formulated to last longer in "high-drain devices."
Duracell kept the music going in more ways than one by always being the last booth to close at concert events.
Duracell kept the music going in more ways than one by always being the last booth to close at concert events.

Duracell's core target was consumers who are heavy users of high-drain devices and passionate about music -- not just listening to it but living a music-oriented lifestyle: downloading and regularly attending gigs and festivals. Their greatest frustration with batteries is when music experiences are curtailed; when other devices fail, it's inconvenient, but when the music stops, it's particularly frustrating.

Duracell decided to give their target the real-life experience of their music lasting longer while proving it was as committed to the music lifestyle as they were. It literally made the music last longer through the "Duracell Powerhouse" -- a huge battery-shaped marquee that toured festivals throughout the summer -- and crucially was always the venue that closed last. Partnerships were formed with other music-committed brands, including MTV and iTunes, providing free downloads for customers. Duracell also became the first brand to sponsor a concert at London's new O2 arena, stretching to a series of gigs lasting the whole summer, then lasting even longer by streaming content on AOL's music channel.

The cumulative activity exceeded the company's goal by raising awareness of Ultra M3 by 10 points. Sales performance was strong and provided a boost for other Duracell product lines.

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