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Fabric Inserted Into Magazines in Brazil

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Brand: Coquel Cream
Brand Owner: KM Casa
Category: Household goods
Region: Brazil
Date: July 2006 to September 2006
Agency: Loducca
Media Owner: Caras, Nova Cosmopolitan, Vogue
Media Channels: Print

Using media as a means to demonstrate a product is an increasingly common tactic for brands that want to make a connection with their consumers.

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In some cases, media is used to mimic product function and in others a competition forces consumers to sample a product, if they want to participate. This example offers a third way, a media message that demonstrably connects with the obsessions of the target audience.

The brand is Coquel, a liquid detergent that cleans without damaging fibers and keeps clothes looking as good as new for longer. The insight behind this campaign was that women, especially those that read fashion magazines, spend a lot of time and effort to buy the right clothes so it makes sense to go the extra mile when it comes to laundry.

The solution that put the product in consumers' hands was a different kind of print ad, one made entirely of brightly colored fabric and soft to the touch after all that glossy paper. The ad ran in high circulation magazines such as Nova, Cosmopolitan, Caras and Vogue.

The tagline: "We also like clothes so much that our ad could not be made on paper." Further information was included on how important it is to take care of clothes to keep them looking good for longer. The print work ran in addition to a 30-second TV ad showing women messing up their clothes by carrying a fish under their arms, for example.

The agency claims a market first for the use of a fabric ad.

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