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Aussie Defence Force Recruiting Uses Battleship Online Game

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Brand: Australian Defence Force
Brand Owner: Australian Defence Force Recruiting
Category: Government/public sector
Region: Australia
Date: September 2006
Media Agency: Universal McCann
Media Owner: Nine MSN
Media Channels: Mobile, internet

Australia needed to persuade more young people to consider the navy as a career option. The challenge was that unpopular involvement in Iraq had made the task more difficult.

The defense force recruitment team needed to broaden the pool of applicants and convince them that joining the navy was an attractive career choice.

You sunk my Battleship!

The challenge was to communicate what a career in the navy actually involved. The recruitment team had previously used banners on MSN Messenger with good results but felt that the channel could do more.

The solution was a multilevel experience that potential recruits could explore on their own terms. Universal McCann adapted the classic game Battleships for a Messenger environment.

Battleships Extreme showcased a career in the navy, allowing players to design their own naval identity and compete with fellow messengers.

And as well as playing the game they would also be able to find out additional information about the real-life navy. This included profiles on ships, jobs and the naval lifestyle.

The solution was a media first and NineMSN's sibling TV company Channel 9 provided national TV coverage.

The game attracted 481,702 unique visitors and more than 39,000 visits to the navy's site since the game's launch. Both the army and air force have requested similar games with a view to producing a fully-fledged PC Game.

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