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HSBC Puts Moviegoers in India on the Big Screen

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Brand: HSBC
Brand Owner: HSBC
Category: Financial
Region: India
Date: August to October 2006
Media Agency: MindShare
Other Agencies: Ogilvy
Media Channels: Cinema

HSBC needed to convince consumers that not only did it understand their banking needs but also had appropriate solutions.

In a cluttered ad market it also needed to do this in a novel and memorable way. Consumer research suggested that Indian consumers have a point of view on any subject and that if HSBC could cater to this need then the target audience would engage with the brand.

Since a family visit to the multiplex was a popular weekend activity, the solution was to create HSBC Zones in the cinemas. People going to see a movie were asked to express their "point of view" about the cricket series between India, Sri Lanka and the West Indies on camera.

The three most interesting opinions were then turned into a two-minute film, which was screened during the interval and followed the HSBC brand commercial.

Participants were thrilled to see themselves on screen during the intermission and the execution acted as a surprise while remaining true to the new global brand positioning of HSBC.

The execution was carried out in key urban locations including Mumbai, Dehli and Bangalore reaching 50,000 consumers in 26 days. Cost per contact was calculated at 34 cents, an economical figure compared to the cost of direct marketing for this audience.

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