Great Outdoor Find for Yahoo

Web Giant Uses Real Life to Illustrate Search Engine

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Brand: Yahoo! Search
Brand Owner: Yahoo!
Category: Internet
Region: U.K.
Date: June-July 2004
Media Agencies: OMD, Posterscope

Yahoo had a very clear marketing challenge. A key driver of traffic to the Yahoo portal -- search -- had taken a hit by the rise of Google.

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However, the company had improved its search product and it believed that its mix of technology and human input made it better than its rival's. A human face was its point of difference, they argued. This campaign aimed to start the process of recapturing lost searchers. It had to connect with consumers making detailed searches but also to more than 25 million people who use search occasionally in the U.K.

The strategic solution was to reposition the service: Google could have "search" all to itself, but Yahoo would own "found." This neat insight would then be communicated via big and bold statements -- taking advantage of the fact that the rivals spent most of their budgets online.

Budgetary reasons meant the campaign was London only, a region that indexed highly against the target audience of the wired generation and "executechs." Using outdoor as the key medium, Yahoo decided to personalize each site. The creative developed 12 arrow templates pointing in different directions.

Posterscope sent out photographers to take pictures of each site, and advise if there were any interesting landmarks near by. The gaps in the arrow template would be filled by locally relevant words in order to highlight Yahoo's ability to accurately find detailed information. In the end, more than 450 different executions were used on 5,495 panels. The strategy was adapted to banners, e-mails and T-shirts. By the fourth week of activity, search views were up 13%.

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