‘Greentone’ Uses Sound Of Chainsaw to Protect Forests

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Brand: Greenpeace
Brand Owner: Greenpeace
Category: Charities
Region: Netherlands
Date: Mar 2005 -- ongoing
Agency: Hallelujah
Media Owners: Metro, Spits, Radio 538
Media Channel: PR, Internet/Mobile

NEW YORK ( -- Despite their noble intentions, charities are as guilty as any other advertiser of adding to the clutter of commercial messages.

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Mindful of the latest consumer trend of wearing your charitable concerns on your sleeve (well, on multicolored plastic wristbands or lapel badges), Greenpeace came up with a novel and innovative idea that allowed the message to be both a personal comment and also a public medium. And it raised money -- making it an even more impressive piece of media thinking.

The campaign was designed to highlight the fact that ancient forests in Finland were being destroyed to make copier paper. Creative executions in print showed rolled-up paper replacing tree stumps in a cut-down forest while the radio ad morphed the sound of the copier into a chainsaw.

All the media messages included instructions on how to down load the “Greentone” a ringtone that would raise 1.50 euros for the charity. The tone -- the sound of a chainsaw -- then acted as a viral extension of the campaign. The activity attracted a lot of attention with PR coverage in magazines, TV and on radio in addition to the estimated 3 million people reached by the advertising campaign. The “Greentone” was downloaded 35,000 times.

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