Singing Fish That Hook Consumers

Findus Creates a Mechanical Choir to Highlight Its Responsible Sourcing Practices

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How do you show that your brand is committed to responsibly sourced fish? In the case of Findus, a major player in the frozen seafood market, you create a bizarre choir from mechanical fish and then install them in a busy Parisian thoroughfare.

In 2007, Findus Group revealed its "Compliance of Marine Resources" commitment, implemented through 10 principles for responsible sourcing fish and the promotion of more respect for fish stocks. This year, the company has pledged to sharpen its focus on farmed fish and buy all of its wild-caught fish from Marine Stewardship Council-certified suppliers by 2012.

Clear Channel Outdoor affixed some 25 mechanical toy fish to a billboard in Rue du Passy in Paris. The swimming creatures proceeded to launch into a rendition of "Shake your Booty" by K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Each fish appears to have its own voice and opens and closes its mouth and wiggles its head and tail to the music.

An adjacent billboard showed Findus' various commitments to sustainability.

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