JC Decaux Turns Airport Posters Into Scent-Stimulating Medium

Hidden Diffusers Spritz Perfume on Business Travelers

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Brand: Azzaro
Brand Owner: Parfums Azzaro
Product Category: Luxury
Date: November-December 2005
Country: France
Media Agency: In-house
Other Agency: Prolitec
Media Owner: JC Decaux Airport

Advertising is usually about sights and sounds, visual and aural stimulation. This campaign adds a different sensory appeal to the marketing palette, smell. In many other respects it's a pretty standard piece of media activity: A perfume brand buys posters at an airport in the duty-free section -- hit all those high-flyers close to the point of sale as they await their transport home -- together with some generic creative, a handsome male gets his neck sniffed by a glamorous girl. Oh and someone has also taken a picture of the bottle.

However, as with many Cream case studies, it's the twist in the tale that sets this activity apart from the crowd. That's because fitted inside eight of the 17 panels at Orly Sud and Roissy 2 in Paris are perfume diffusers to ensure that potential consumers not only see the brand's advertising but also experience the new Silver Black fragrance.

The activity ran for a month in the two airports as part of a launch campaign for the Azzaro brand with the diffusion technology in the poster site spreading the fragrance up to 15 feet in all directions. Thus not only did the perfume house hit the much-desired business traveler in the run-up to Christmas, but it also enabled consumers to sample the product without them having to rip open all those tedious scent strips in glossy magazines. And they didn't even have to opt in. JC Decaux Airport claims a media-first for the diffuser/poster display system.

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