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Reusing Aluminum From Old Planes to Encourage Carbon Emission Reduction

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The ambitious 10:10 campaign was set up to unite British society behind one simple idea: work together to cut U.K. carbon emissions by 10% in 2010.

10:10 is an independent group founded by film director Franny Armstrong and backed by groups including Comic Relief, ActionAid, the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust.

Each month, 10:10 focused on ways to reduce carbon emissions, while offering advice on everything from insulation to recycling. Unusual pendants were made from aluminum scraps of old airplanes. 150,000 alone were produced from one plane that had gained fame after successfully landing despite losing all four engines as it flew through a volcanic ash cloud.

Suggested actions for individuals included fewer plane journeys and lower heating, as well as changing light bulbs, replacing old fridges and freezers and turning appliances off. Supporters then made suggestions such as driving less, eating local produce and in-season food, buying long-lasting or secondhand goods, repairing and reusing old belongings, avoiding unnecessary packaging or products and reducing water usage.

The results of the campaign also reflect the commitment 10:10 made to embracing social media. It accrued support from more than 2,500 businesses, including Sony, Adidas and Microsoft. The momentum gained even took 10:10 all the way to parliament, with the government agreeing to the proposal immediately and signing up 43% of the U.K.'s councils to the movement.

It also influenced the Royal Mail to join and stamp letters with the 10:10 logo and encouraged 10 London underground stations to commit to overhauling their environmental impacts in a novel grassroots scheme.

Due to the success of the U.K. campaign, 10:10 has gone global and launched chapters in France and Washington, to name but a few.

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