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Targeting Consumers Planning Vacations Pays Off for Seramis

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Brand: Seramis
Brand Owner: Seramis
Category: Home/garden
Region: Germany
Date: January 2006
Media Agency: MediaCom
Media Owner: Tui, a major travel agency
Media Channels: Ambient, print

This is an example of a great insight that leads right to increasing sales of a product. It's an insight that latches onto the barriers to purchase and finds the perfect connection point to overcome them.

Seramis' messages were displayed outside 1,150 travel agencies and brochures were also distributed.
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Seramis is a special planting soil medium made of clay granulates that store water and dispense important nutrients. It's like a vitamin pill for your plants. The problem was that German consumers don't see the need for such a product and rely on standard potting soil 99.9% of the time. The exception is when they go on holiday and don't want to return to dusty soil and dead plants.

The media solution was a partnership with travel giant Tui to create a network of messages designed to hit travelers as they thought about their time away. Seramis' messages were displayed outside 1,150 travel agencies, the message was integrated into the window displays and brochures were also distributed. A co-branded raffle was also run.

Print ads appeared in Tui holiday brochures with further messages in travel documents and inserts in ticket pouches.

The message reached more than 16 million consumers and the final proof of its effectiveness is the fact that sales of Seramis clay granules doubled.

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