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Toyota Prints Ads on Banana Leaves

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Brand: Toyota
Brand Owner: Toyota
Category: Automotive
Region: Colombia
Date: December 2006
Media Agency: Starcom
Other Agencies : Leo Burnett
Media Owner: Semana
Media Channels: Print

Readers of Colombian news magazine Semana were no doubt surprised when they recieved with their December issue, given it contained an advertising insert made of banana leaves.

The aim of the single page insert, which had been screen printed with an ad for the new special edition Prado Cruiser, was to tell Colombians to keep in touch with nature. The message was literally driven home by use of a natural product as one of the magazine's pages. (The effort is similar to one by liquid detergent Coquel, whose recent ads made of fabric ran last year in Brazilian magazines Cosmopolitan and Vogue.)
Ads for Toyota were printed on banana leaves and inserted in copies of Semana.
Ads for Toyota were printed on banana leaves and inserted in copies of Semana.

The logistical effort to produce this innovative insert was considerable. Six-foot banana leaves that were going to be destroyed were used, bought from the biggest producers in the country. Each leaf had enough coverage to produce eight ads but the ads had to be hand-printed within five days to ensure the leaf would still be in prime condition by the time it reached the readers of Semana.

Finally the message was delivered in issues that went to the homes of more than 20,000 subscribers in Bogota and MedellĂ­n.

The innovative ad format has received a host of publicity online both in Colombia and internationally.

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