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How Nike+ Switched Focus and Won Casual Runners in Spain

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The Nike+ running community had been a success in most of Europe, but uptake in Spain had been disappointing. The brand had been targeting hardcore runners who deemed it "not serious enough," so it needed to engage and educate a broader running target.

The driving insight was that for most casual runners, running is a means to an end rather than a passion. They would run more if it was fun or their friends were there to challenge them.

Nike invited radio listeners to nominate friends for a live unprompted wake-up call with famous Nike elite athletes in four cities. The concept was kick-started in social media with a viral campaign involving videos of celebrities being woken up, furthered through a deal with the top morning show and promoted through other outreach on TV and online. Camera crews, Nike athletes, friends and consumers caught up in the campaign all gathered in front of the lazy friend's house at 7 a.m. Once they woke up, the runner was asked to lace up and start clocking up the kilometers.

Watch a video with more on the campaign here.

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