Critters Crawl Across Screens and Pages in Search of Sneakers

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Brand: Puma
Brand owner: Puma
Category: Accessories/Clothing/Footwear
Date: December 2004 (on-going)
Country: Global
Media Agency: ZenithOptimedia
Other Agencies: Newcast, ZenithOptimedia Patrenariat, GBH

Puma’s values are based on it being different from the crowd and so it’s not surprising it would charge its agency to come up with a quirky and unexpected idea. This media campaign fits the brief. And Puma considers it to be the most successful campaign it has run.

The idea starts with the creative treatment. Puma’s “New Stuff” products are highly designed shoes, and parts of the form resemble parts of nature -- a heel like honeycomb on one trainer or like Swiss cheese on another Puma style. This led to the creative images of bees and mice being attracted to the product. The creative analogy continues with butterflies (for the brightly colored styles) as well as ants, fish and grasshoppers.

ZenithOptimedia showed its creative media soul when it took this theme and pushed the limits of the advertising/editorial boundary. Thus TV viewers in France, Italy and Germany were treated to the sight of bees, mice, butterflies and ants appearing within the programs. In print, the Puma creatures crept through the pages of titles such as Forecast magazine in Switzerland or onto the cover of Blend magazine in the Netherlands.

In outdoor, mice crawled around and over billboards and also led consumers to the product as part of station domination on the London Underground. The media reflected the quirky intentions of the brand and the initial feedback -- from Puma’s concept stores -- show that sales of the featured “New Stuff” models quadrupled after the campaign.

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