Use the Royal Navy to Deliver Messages

Send Mobile, Online Video Via Sea King Helicopters or Dive Boats

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Brand: Royal Navy
Brand Owner: U.K. government
Category: Government/public sector
Region: U.K.
Date: June to August 2007
Agency: Glue
Media Channels: Mobile, video

The Royal Navy, looking for recruits this year, found a new way to showcase the wide range of jobs available in the service. A natural media choice for the target audience of 15- to 24-year-olds is the mobile phone, so Glue helped the Navy set up, an online application that enabled potential recruits to send video messages to each other via e-mail or mobile.

Senders could have their messages "delivered" by a range of Royal Navy hardware including Sea King helicopters, dive boats and Royal Marines. After they supplied their friends' contact details, wrote messages and pressed send, the navy ventured into cyberspace or the world of wireless to get the appropriate video to its destination.

Recipients could respond direct from their phones, once again via a choice of five different pieces of navy hardware to carry the communication.

Some impressive, detailed work went into integrating the messages with the slick video production, and the agency believes allowing video messages to be sent from mobile to mobile is a media first.

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