Columbus Helps Consumers Discover a New Phone

In Spain, Samsung Steals a Famous Finger to Get Attention

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Samsung - Columbus

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Barcelona's statue of Christopher Columbus pointing his finger west toward America is an iconic landmark in Spain. So when reports and images appeared showing that the statue's index finger had gone missing, there was an enormous amount of buzz across the web. The brand behind the hoax was Samsung, which wanted to raise awareness about its new touch-screen phone, Omnia, and cut through the dominating presence of Apple and its iPhone. Samsung's strategy aimed to appeal to tech-savvy 25- to 35-year-olds and show them that the phone could make their lives easier. An elaborate series of clues and animated fingers featured on eBay and Wikipedia eventually led people to Touch City, a virtual city of finger personalities, with Columbus's finger sitting on an animated plinth at the center. There people could find out more about the Omnia's capabilities.

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