Using Social Networks as Registration Tools

Nokia Posts Questionnaire on Friendster to Boost Database

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Brand: Nokia
Brand Owner: Nokia
Category: Telecoms/mobile
Region: Pan-Asian
Date: April 2007 to July 2007
Media Agency : MediaCom
Media Owner: Friendster
Media Channels: Mobile, internet

Nokia wanted to boost the number of completed data records on its existing database system to help its ongoing eCommunication programs with youth audiences. Its aim was to use digital media to generate new registrations at a low cost per registration.

The challenge lay in achieving the set cost goal while asking consumers to share a large amount of personal information requiring the completion of more than eight separate fields.


Leveraging the targets' need to express themselves online and willingness to pass on information if motivated, the digital solution took direct response activity beyond the standard usage of search and call to action banners.

A personality test, hosted within the Friendster social network site, asked a series of multiple-choice questions about consumers' character traits and matched them with one of six recent Nokia phones that most suited them. Participants were invited to incorporate the results in their personal profile to further express themselves. They were also invited to register for a Nokia newsletter, to forward the activity to friends -- the person with the most monthly friend referrals received a Bluetooth headset -- and to win Nokia phones throughout the campaign by answering a special question.

By providing this value proposition to consumers, a positive association was established with the Nokia brand and an affiliation with specific mobile phone ranges. The campaign over-delivered on total entries, with consumers referring a large number of friends. The end result was a much lower cost per acquisition.

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